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random is my second name. i reblog what i like and now it's: 2am, shinhwa, stock, b1a4, beijing, seoul, and food food food. i have soft spot for visas and sockets
i love you all, hello :D

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DW: Not us, but you may strip off one by one when you feel hot later thank you! :-)

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김성규 - Time Spent Walking Through Memories (Cover)

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Honestly… I’m Junjin..

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Chicago Fog / Michael Salisbury

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30 Day K-Pop Challenge!

Day 22: Underrated K-Pop artist/member

Block B’s Jaehyo

cr. to owner of gifs.

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8eight is back with their first single in three years! On Sep 19th, the trio released a mid-tempo ballad entitled “Let’s Not Go Crazy.”

Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way i see it you can either run from it or learn from it.

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